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“With CONTRAVE, I no longer crave my usual go-to foods. Now I’m able to eat to live, not live to eat.”

Janine's Story

Janine, a nurse, wife, and busy mom to four children, has long struggled with her weight. It began when she was in her early 20s. “I had my first child at 22 years old and then another at 25 and just couldn’t seem to keep it under control,” she says.

From that point on, Janine’s struggle continued. “I would maintain my weight loss for a while and then gain it all back,” she says.

Weight-loss diets and treatments failed her

Over the years, Janine tried a variety of diets and weight-loss programs to help her lose weight. When those diets failed to deliver the results she was hoping for, she reached out to her doctor to discuss other treatment options. She tried several weight-loss medications, but stopped because of the side effects.

Feeling sad and defeated

With little luck managing her weight, Janine’s social life and feelings of self-worth began to suffer. “I was exhausted all the time,” she says. “I never wanted to go out or meet new people because I was the fat girl. I didn’t want to go out to dinner because I didn’t want to be judged when I ate. It really decreased my self-esteem and put me down in the dumps,” she says.

Trying something new

Then one day she happened to see a photo of herself after being featured on the news. “I saw that photo and thought, ‘I’m done feeling like this,’” Janine recalls.

Janine went to her doctor again, and this time he recommended CONTRAVE, a weight-loss medication Janine had not yet considered. Taking her doctor’s advice, Janine decided to give it a try.

Getting results

Since starting CONTRAVE Janine has lost more than 10% of her body weight. “I used to get up and eat in the night, and I don’t do that anymore,” She explains, “Now, I want to make sensible decisions about what I eat and feel like I’m eating to live and not living to eat.”

Losing weight with CONTRAVE has helped Janine get back to being the confident, active person her friends and family always knew her to be. “I’ve scheduled myself to do more presentations at work because I’m not self-conscious about standing in front of my colleagues and patients anymore,” she says. “Everyone has noticed my weight loss, which has even inspired others to lose weight,” she shares. “But honestly, the most significant benefit is how I feel. I feel just fabulous!”

Individual results may vary.

“I used to huff and puff up a flight of stairs, but now that I’ve lost weight I can hike in the mountains with my son again.”

As an outdoorsman, Jim enjoys traveling the world and immersing himself in nature whenever possible. But his struggle with his weight almost brought that lifestyle to an end.

One day when he was in his 40s, he went for his yearly physical before venturing out into the woods. “The nurse handed me a card that said, ‘Please stay out of the woods, we don’t want to have to save you,’” he recalls. It was the first time Jim realized he was overweight.

Finally getting motivated

Although this pivotal memory stuck with Jim, he admits it took him decades to find the motivation to lose weight. As his weight increased and he became less active, Jim recalls his family giving him grief. “You can absorb all the heckling until you finally make up your own mind.”

Finally, Jim decided he was tired of feeling lethargic and spending his time eating and watching TV. He made up his mind to dedicate himself to making healthier choices and started exercising daily and following diets aimed at cutting carbs and sugars.

Sabotaged by snacking

But even with a healthier diet and daily exercise, Jim still couldn’t control his mindless snacking. “I would tell myself I’m not going to eat and the next thing I knew I would have my head stuck in the refrigerator,” he said.

Over time, Jim noticed his habit for snacking made it difficult for him to keep the weight off, and he wasn’t achieving the weight-loss results he desired. “I was working hard to lose the weight, but I had reached a plateau and wasn’t able to break through,” he says.

A plan that finally worked

Looking for something to help him control his hunger, Jim went to his doctor, who recommended CONTRAVE. Jim says, “At this point, I really wanted to lose the weight; I was tired of being fat. So when he suggested CONTRAVE, I leaped at it,” he recalls.

Jim has lost more than 10% of his body weight since starting CONTRAVE. He says it has helped him overcome his weight-loss plateau by helping him control his impulses and cravings. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Jim says he is seeing results. “I used to huff and puff up a flight of stairs,” he reflects. “Now I go and hike mountains with my son.”

Jim encourages others struggling to lose weight to “take small steps every day in the right direction, and get smart about what you’re eating.” Overall, Jim feels happier, healthier, and more energetic. “I have a better attitude and a more positive self-image,” he says.

Individual results may vary.

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1IMS Launch MVP. Extended Insights of Branded Weight Loss Medicine Audit from July 2014 to November 2016.