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With the CONTRAVE Savings Card, you can save on your CONTRAVE prescription and may pay no more than $1 to $3 a day. Restrictions may apply. Patients who purchase their prescription through Get CONTRAVE Now are not eligible at this time. See program terms and conditions.


How the CONTRAVE Saving Card Works

If you have private insurance that covers CONTRAVE you may pay no more than $1 a day for your monthly prescription.*
If your insurance doesn’t cover CONTRAVE or you pay cash you may pay no more than $3 a day for your monthly prescription.*

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*Payment will depend on your pharmacy. The CONTRAVE Savings Card cannot be used if you are currently a Medicaid Beneficiary. Medicare Part D and TRICARE beneficiaries are eligible for the CONTRAVE Savings Card. However, to receive the CONTRAVE Savings Card benefits, your prescription will be processed with the assumption that you are a cash-paying customer. For Medicare Part D patients, the cash payments you make for CONTRAVE will not count towards your true out-of-pocket expenses. If Medicare or TRICARE coverage status for CONTRAVE changes in the future, your CONTRAVE Savings benefits may change too.

By using the CONTRAVE Savings Card, you agree to report your use of this offer to any Third Party that reimburses you or pays for any part of the prescription price. Use of this offer is confirmation that you are permitted under the terms and conditions of the health benefit plan(s) covering your prescriptions, to take advantage of co-pay coverage programs. You additionally agree that you will not submit the cost of any portion of the product dispensed pursuant to this offer to a federal or state healthcare program for purposes of counting it toward your out-of-pocket expenses.

For patients with a co-pay obligation of $110 or less for a 30-day prescription ($330 or less for a 90-day supply), the offer will cover any amount over $30 ($90 for a 90-day supply).

For patients with a co-pay obligation greater than $110 for a 30-day prescription and for those without coverage, the offer will cover any patient obligation amount over $90, up to a maximum benefit of $153 (i.e., a maximum benefit of $459 for a 90-day prescription). Retail prices may vary.

Additionally, the CONTRAVE Savings Card cannot be used if you are purchasing your prescription through the Get CONTRAVE Now service.