“It’s great to have found something that works after trying so many things that didn’t!”

Yvonne has struggled with her weight all her adult life, but after her second daughter was born it was harder for her to control her hunger and cravings. “Once my kids came around, my appetite changed drastically,” Yvonne explained. She tried “almost everything” in an attempt to drop pounds and keep them off. “I’ve tried over-the-counter medications, juicing diets, frozen meals—you name it. Nothing seemed to help.” It wasn’t until blood work showed that Yvonne had prediabetes that she knew she had to do something new.

No More Yo-Yoing

With her new diagnosis and exhausted with yo-yo dieting, Yvonne spoke with her doctor about how difficult it was for her to lose weight. After her doctor determined that she was a good candidate, Yvonne started treatment with CONTRAVE. “I thought to myself, ‘You’ve tried everything else. Why not give this a chance?’”

A New Motivation

Yvonne has lost more than 5% of her body weight since starting treatment with CONTRAVE. She finds it easier to manage her portions and is able to control her hunger and cravings. “CONTRAVE helped me to develop better eating habits, particularly portion control. I used to just eat regardless if I was hungry or not.” Yvonne now follows a gluten free diet and tries to incorporate more protein, fruits, and vegetables into her meals. “This isn’t a diet, it’s my new lifestyle.”

In addition to her improved eating habits, Yvonne also started taking high-intensity interval training exercise classes a few times a week to stay active. “Since my weight loss, I am much more motivated in my life. It gave me a chance.”

Family Time

Yvonne explained how her family has been a support system through her weight-loss process. “I’m always the one telling my kids how proud I am of them, but since my weight loss they keep saying how proud they are of me.” Yvonne says that now that she has lost weight and revamped her lifestyle with the help of CONTRAVE, the dynamic in her home has also changed. “I do things now with my family that I didn’t have the positive self-esteem to do before, like go to the pool.” Another fun outing Yvonne now enjoys is going shopping with her daughter, which was previously a daunting task. “Before, it was hoodies all day because that’s what fit. Now for each milestone that I hit I put on the new outfit!”

Real stories of people taking CONTRAVE at the time of their interview. Individual results may vary.