“I never understood why I wasn’t able to control my hunger, but now there’s more of a scientific explanation. It’s not just about willpower.”

Teri couldn’t understand the duality of it all: Why had she been able to maintain the willpower to push through the required number crunching for her Master’s in Business Administration classes, but couldn’t control her hunger and cravings?

Years of Struggle

As a busy working mom, active member of her community, minister, board member of non-profit organizations, and mentor for local businesswomen, Teri felt that it was impossible to gain control of her diet—often resorting to eating something on the go or at a restaurant. In 2007, she hoped that she had solved the problem with gastric bypass surgery, which resulted in a 95-pound weight loss over the course of nine months but found that she quickly regained the weight.

Years later, Teri had grown weary of hearing about fad diets that only resulted in temporary change. Teri approached her own doctor about whether starting CONTRAVE was right for her.

“There are areas of the brain that have been identified to hinder your progress,” Teri explains. “I never understood why I wasn’t able to control my hunger, especially my cravings for sweets, but now there’s more of a scientific explanation: it’s not just about willpower.”

Teri’s Journey with CONTRAVE

Teri has lost more than 5% of her body weight with the help of CONTRAVE and continues to maintain her weight loss. “When I used to diet, it would kill me not to eat the cake. Now, after two forkfuls I have the same satisfaction that I did six months ago from a big piece of cake.”

“This is the first time in five years that I’ve worn a dress that was knee-length. I felt like I was walking in NY fashion week and I can now cross my legs while sitting down!” Teri beams.

In addition to taking CONTRAVE, she watches her diet and tries to walk 8,000 steps a day, which she monitors with her wearable fitness tracker. Not only is she gaining control over her diet and implementing healthy habits, but she has also inspired her family to live a healthier lifestyle.

Teri is most proud of the impact her transformation has had on her daughter. “I’m now healthier for my daughter and I’m so happy that I’m changing her outlook on health and eating right. She recently said ‘Mommy I want to be like you. I want to be healthier.’”

Real stories of people taking CONTRAVE at the time of their interview. Individual results may vary.