“Before CONTRAVE, I felt my eating habits could get out of control. Now, I feel like I have a foundation and support.”

After years of struggling with her weight and body image issues, Shellie felt alone and out of control in terms of her diet and lifestyle. “I would lose weight and feel good about myself for a minute and then over time I would just fall back into my old habits.” Shellie explained, “I was also only focused on the mistakes that I was making, like overindulging.” This was affecting her physically and emotionally, and she decided that she needed to make a change.

Failed Treatments

Shellie’s weight fluctuated up and down throughout the years as she experimented with various treatments, diets, and eating plans. She also tried to stay active with different forms of exercise but continued to struggle with consistency. The weight that was lost would quickly come back and the cycle would continue. She found herself using food as a reward and punishment and not being able to find a healthy balance.

Another factor that was a constant battle for Shellie was her sweet tooth. Though she did enjoy making desserts and treats for friends and family, she would use it as an excuse to indulge. “Every time I would give into my cravings, whether it was pie, cakes, or whatever, there was always regret,” Shellie explained. “I feel like I’ve always been stuck in this food shame cycle.”

Talking to Her Doctor

Though determined to make a change, Shellie was hesitant to discuss her weight with her doctor at first. “For me, it was a pride thing. I shouldn’t need to ask anybody for help.” Feeling like she was approaching her breaking point, Shellie finally reached out to her doctor for help, expressing that she was exhausted with the situation and that nothing she had tried previously had been sustainable. She reflected on her discussion with her doctor noting, “I remember that day. I stopped everything, and I went to the doctor sobbing and told him I can’t do this anymore.” After determining Shellie was an appropriate candidate, her doctor prescribed CONTRAVE with diet and exercise. “My doctor expressed that CONTRAVE could give me the opportunity to manage cravings, to not be obsessed with food, in a way that would give me space.”

When she first started her regimen with CONTRAVE, Shellie experienced nausea and dizziness at times. She reached out to her doctor who provided some tips on how to manage her symptoms, and by the end of her first month those feelings went away.

Being Present

Shellie has found that her eating habits are now under control and she makes healthier choices. She says that CONTRAVE has helped her curb her sweet-tooth cravings. Since starting CONTRAVE, she has lost more than 5% of her body weight. She now feels like she is in control of her weight and is no longer consumed with negative thoughts about food and her weight.

With renewed self-esteem, Shellie is trying things that she was too self-conscious to do before. “As I lost weight and began to feel good, I started wanting to do things I had never done. I never wanted to go kayaking or paddle boarding because I’d have to be in a bathing suit, but my weight loss motivated me to start doing those things.” Shellie’s weight loss and healthier lifestyle has helped her feel good about trying new activities that help keep her active such as hot yoga. “Yoga requires me to look at myself in the mirror and previously that would have been tough for me to do that. Now when I look in the mirror, I see my positive self-esteem, I see strength, I see this beautiful imperfection.”

“Now I get up and appreciate every day, not worrying about what’s wrong with me. I’m only focusing on what’s right.”

Real stories of people taking CONTRAVE at the time of their interview. Individual results may vary.