“I’ve tried multiple diets and weight-loss programs with no success– from the beginning, I could feel a difference by adding CONTRAVE.”

Mike has always loved food. He didn’t care if it was sweet or savory, he never said no to a meal and would give into his cravings without hesitation. “My cravings were out of control. If I wanted to eat candy, I’d have candy. If I wanted to go out to dinner, get a big steak, a baked potato, and piece of dessert, I would do it.” After years of gradually gaining weight he realized he was no longer able to control his eating habits. In 2017, he was diagnosed with diabetes and his doctor informed him that it was obesity related. Mike hit the ground running and tried various diets and medications in addition to an exercise regimen, but nothing seemed to work for the long term. With his diabetes as a major motivator, Mike decided to speak to his doctor again about his options and in that visit, along a diet and exercise program, he was prescribed CONTRAVE.

No More “Grazing”

Prior to starting CONTRAVE, Mike’s biggest challenge was staying motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, with CONTRAVE, Mike noticed a change in his eating habits quickly. He started a food diary to help stay mindful of his daily choices and noticed that he no longer had the cravings that he previously experienced. “After starting CONTRAVE, I no longer had an urge to snack. I used to snack at night and throughout the day—­my mother used to call it grazing,” he laughingly recalled. “From the beginning I could feel a difference with CONTRAVE. I also don’t crave big steaks or chocolate anymore.”

Staying Active

Mike has lost more than 5% of his body weight and is more motivated and active than ever. He’s now exercising three to five times a week and is hiking with his grandchildren.

Mike adds that his weight loss has impacted what he can wear. “I have a whole wardrobe of clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in 10 or 12 years that I can fit into again. It’s like having brand new clothes. Being able to fit into my clothes again makes a big difference.”

Real stories of people taking CONTRAVE at the time of their interview. Individual results may vary.