“All the women in my family are plus size, and growing up so was I. I’ve tried everything to lose weight, but nothing seemed to work for me.”

Growing up as one of six children in a family who has battled with weight for generations, Lorelei doesn’t recall a time that she didn’t struggle with her weight. “All the women in my family are plus size, and growing up so was I. It was normal in our household.” Lorelei tried different diets, personal trainers, over-the-counter weight-loss treatments, programs, and even hypnosis, yet nothing was sustainable. She was unable to control her hunger and cravings for sweets, no matter the time of day. “Breakfast, lunch, or dinner it didn’t matter, I needed something sweet!”

After her sister found success with CONTRAVE, Lorelei decided to speak with her doctor to see if she was a candidate. Her doctor determined that Lorelei was an appropriate candidate and noted that CONTRAVE might help her with her cravings for sweets.

Food and Family Gatherings

Sunday dinners, holidays, birthdays and church events are a big part of Lorelei’s life. With every gathering there are sisters, aunts, and friends bringing homemade cakes, pies, and cookies. During these events, Lorelei would indulge in the homemade treats and pack the extras in a to-go box for later. Now, Lorelei focuses more on enjoying the conversation with family and friends. She explained that she’s “no longer concerned with who’s going to eat the last slice of lemon pound cake or the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!”

Staying on Track

Since starting treatment with CONTRAVE, Lorelei has lost more than 5% of her body weight. She keeps a food journal to keep track of her diet and can see the difference in her eating habits. “Looking back at my journal, I realized that I have had barely any sweets since the day I began treatment with CONTRAVE. I just haven’t had the urge or craving.” She also watches her portion sizes and incorporates fruit and vegetables into her meals. Lorelei stays active through various dancing teams, goes on long walks, and has even gotten back on her bicycle. Additionally, she is working with a trainer.

Newfound Perspective

In addition to exercise and day-to-day activities, Lorelei has more self-esteem and looks forward to doing more things that make her happy. “I stand up in front of a room or walk around in a bathing suit and feel comfortable in my skin.” She’s also now excited about going shopping. “I have so many more options and can wear whatever I want.”

Real stories of people taking CONTRAVE at the time of their interview. Individual results may vary.