“I’ve always been one of those people who struggled with their weight. CONTRAVE helped me get my weight-loss goals back on track.”

Since elementary school, Andrea’s weight has constantly fluctuated, and she has struggled to maintain a healthy weight. “I’ve always been one of those people who struggled with their weight,” Andrea explained. “I feel like it’s in my genes.” As she entered adulthood her weight was getting harder to manage and after each pregnancy, she found it even more difficult to lose weight.

Andrea couldn’t resist her cravings for sweets. “I would crave anything with sugar, like brownies and candy.” As a self-described emotional eater, Andrea would often reinforce her feelings with food. “If I was really happy about something, I would want to celebrate by eating. Or if I was sad, I would turn to food as a comfort.” But after each indulgence, Andrea would feel guilty.

Finding a Treatment That Worked

For years Andrea tried countless weight-loss programs and diets only to regain the weight she lost and then some. “As I got older, I was gaining more and more, even with dieting.” When discussing her weight with her previous doctor, Andrea felt judged and uncomfortable, but after being diagnosed with sleep apnea she knew that she had to do something to get it under control. With a fear of developing diabetes, Andrea considered undergoing surgery for a gastric sleeve but was nervous about the procedure. “I was in limbo. I didn’t know what to do.” That’s when a nurse practitioner mentioned CONTRAVE. Andrea decided to approach a new physician and after a very open conversation, together they decided that CONTRAVE was the right treatment for her to try.

Experiencing a Real Change

Since starting CONTRAVE, Andrea has fewer cravings for sweets and watches her portions. She continues to eat more fruits and vegetables and has lost more than 5% of her body weight. “I can now go into a store and get a pair of jeans and know they’re going to fit without having to try them on” Andrea exclaimed. “I’m seeing my inches go down and I’m losing weight as I have been able to change my food choices with the help of CONTRAVE. I used to feel so sluggish before my weight loss, and I wouldn’t want to go out to eat or with my friends,” Andrea explained. “I’m also doing more activities with my kids, even after work, which is nice. My husband is also really happy because he sees me being a lot more outgoing now, which is who I used to be.” As a mom and teacher, Andrea is constantly on the go and on her feet. She has also incorporated yoga into her workout routine, which is something she didn’t have the courage to try prior to her weight loss.

Staying Motivated

Andrea’s friends, family, and students have seen a change in her and are helping her stay motivated. Recently, a former student and her parent saw Andrea in the school office and didn’t realize it was her. “They told me that they were really happy for me.” She explained that it’s comments like this that keep her motivated to stay healthy.

Real stories of people taking CONTRAVE at the time of their interview. Individual results may vary.