My Doctor Discussion Guide

It is important to involve your doctor in your weight-loss efforts. To help you have that conversation, answer the following questions before your next appointment. Print your answers and take them with you to start the conversation with your doctor. Ask your doctor if CONTRAVE is right for you.

You must be at least 18 years of age to take CONTRAVE.
Your BMI is over 70, please double check your height and weight entries.

In the past, have you lost weight but gained the weight back?
Have you tried other weight-loss medicines including over-the-counter products?
Would you like to have more control over your hunger?
Would you like to have more control over the food you crave?
Do you have cravings for certain foods?
Did you know there may be two areas of the brain that can cause you to gain weight?*
Are you interested in losing weight with help from CONTRAVE?
Are you ready to begin a full weight-loss regimen that includes medicine, diet, and exercise?